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A centralized 24/7 Call Center Helpline 1124 has established in 2007 for receiving calls from citizens all over Punjab. The calls received then initiate a quick response mechanism from Punjab Highway Patrol Posts and also Punjab Police where PHP is not available, to assist the concerned citizen. This includes immediate help in case of any vehicle breakdown or any other emergency, in case of crime either to self or to a third party complainant, to address any issue concerning traffic regulations and management and for rendering help in case of an accident and for rescue and evacuation to the nearest medical facility. The helpline has also been used for registering inputs in other fields also and for further relaying the data to concerned authorities regarding fire hazards in residential area. The Call Center has features of call recording, routing, IVR and other state-of-the-art features to handle calls from citizens all over Punjab. This helpline is dialed without using any area code.