Vision of Director General


     To ensure good governance, continuous evaluation/ assessment and strict accountability is mandatory, which in turn is contingent upon rigorous scrutiny, accurate calibration and threadbare analysis. Government of the Punjab with increased emphasis on provision of efficient, effective and quality public services to its citizens has put in deliberate and persistent efforts to critically examine, evaluate and analyze the existing system of public service delivery.

      The Directorate of Monitoring (DOM); as an independent third party, monitoring agency, based on the quotidian data obtained through physical and virtual monitoring of all attached departments prepares actionable inputs for Home Department. Based on this synthesized information, Home Department Punjab periodically reviews its policies / procedures of public facilitation. DOM has also significantly contributed in strengthening the internal security regime in the Province by objectively reviewing and reporting the implementation of government’s policies and instructions. Maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all private security companies and their ground verification is yet another task successfully being performed by DOM. With extent and enormity of challenges in view, DOM has an increasing relevance and crucial role to play in realizing the ultimate aim of good governance in the Province. I hope and pray that DOM as always may prove equal to the task.